The Characteristics and Capabilities of the DF

The Characteristics and Capabilities of the DF.

a. To start with, they must Ensure Timely Availability of Forces.

(1) The philosophy is that the DF should include the forces required, the suitable planning and the appropriate procedures that would allow the efficient and decisive military presence at the right time. Therefore, they can fulfill any requirement derived from the changes in the strategic environment, as well as be ready to replace forces already involved in operations.

(2) The DF, in particular, because of the readiness criteria and the guaranteed availability, are considered as the most suitable forces to face the new threats for the Balkan countries.

b. Another characteristic is Deployability and High Mobility.

(1) In addition to the timely and guaranteed availability, the DF will have the capabilities (planning, procedures and means) required for fast concentration of forces in the Theater of Operations, at the right place and time.


(2) The Theater of the Balkans is considered as a difficult one with a great variation of conditions, both in terrain (from plain flat to extremely mountainous, with interruptions and thick woods), and in the climate conditions (from Mediterranean to continental). It is estimated therefore that the DF, after their full deployment, will have the required mobility to face the operational needs in the Balkan theater.