The 1940 Epic

It is true that we, the Greeks, sense a particular feeling of emotion, whenever we recall in our memory the glorious events of 1940. Indeed, those great and enlightening events have sealed with indelible glory the historic evolution of the Hellenic Nation.

The Hellenic Nation is exceptionally proud for the great "NO", which the people as one person said to the enemy in the early morning hours of the historic day of the 28th of October 1940.

The League of Nations, to which all nations have entrusted their hopes for an enduring peace, had literally lost any substantial authority following the insularity-drawn withdrawal of the USA from the Organisation, followed by Italy in 1935, Germany in 1939, and for long suffered by the antagonism of the "peace loving" remaining Western Democracies, mainly the United Kingdom and France that failed to timely realise the potential of the war at hand.

It was the beginning of a campaign that most people tend to call as the "Epic", which covers one of the most glorious chapters of the age-long Hellenic history; evidencing two of the elements, which in general are considered as ingredients of true history: major events and an "aroma" of that time. The events themselves have already been recorded by historians and contemporary people interested in history can easily reach them and draw right conclusions; on the other hand, future historians can be also assisted in case they decide to reconstitute them, even after the passage of centuries. The "aroma", however, that the protagonists of history have felt, i.e. the Hellenic people who actually lived the events when they occurred, is swept by the winds of time, even for those who lived and survived them.

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