The Hellenic Army under the umbrella of the HNDGS and the Ministry of National Defence, within the framework of its social action and in view of the beginning of the new school year, offered presents to minority schools in mountainous Thrace.

The action was implemented in 17 minority schools, where computers, projectors, libraries, electric appliances, board games and soccer balls have been offered. Moreover, before the beginning of the new school year, the Hellenic Army’s personnel installed and checked the operation of a number of A/C units and interactive boards.

This month, the following training activities were carried out at the Unconventional Warfare Training Center in Rentina – Thessaloniki, within the framework of operation of the School of Raiders’ Basic Training, the School of Arms Servicemen and Other Services, the School of Snipers’ Basic Training for Special Missions and Rapid Response Battle Fires:

The Hellenic Army, by order of the HNDGS and after approval by the Ministry of National Defence, contributes to the rehabilitation of regions affected by “Ianos” cyclone, providing personnel and assets as follows:

Karditsa Region

-8 Officers and 15 Conscripts
-3 Dozers
-2 Trenchers
-2 trailers for Transporting Machines
-1 Loader
-4 Dumpers

Kefallonia Island

-2 Officers and 10 Conscripts
-2 Multi-purpose Utility Vehicles
-2 Dozers
-2 Trenchers
-4 Trailers for Transporting Machines.

On Friday 25 September 2020, in compliance with all necessary health protocols on the prevention of the new Covid-19 transmission and spread, the oath-taking ceremonies for Newly-recruited Conscripts of the 5th 2020 Training Series were held.


On 21 and 22 September 2020, the Chief of the Hellenic Army General Staff Lieutenant General Charalampos Lalousis visited the Area of Responsibility of the D’ Army Corps “THRAKI”, as well as the Area of Responsibility of the Tactical Command of 41 Infantry Regiment “SARANTA EKKLISIES”.

During his visit, the Chief visited Units, Surveillance Outposts and military facilities; he attended operational activities and provided guidance to the personnel on the fulfillment of its mission.

The high level of the personnel’s operational readiness and morale has been established.