The Army Geographical Service, completing 132 years of operation, in the context of covering urgent needs of contemporary times, in the field of geo-information and geographical support, planned and implemented the following actions for the year 2020:

Social Contribution activity:

On Friday 12 February 2021, the graduation ceremony of the 3rd Training Series of the Army’s War College took place in the premises of the “Chieftain D. Ntalipis” Camp in Thessaloniki. The graduation certificates were presented by the College’s Commander Brigadier General Stylianos Kalfas.

A total of 114 officers graduated from the War College, of which 11 were Cypriots and 1 was from Bosnia - Herzegovina.

Upon order of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff and the approval of the Ministry of National Defence, the Army provided assistance to areas affected by extreme weather conditions in the island of Samos on the 1st and 2nd of February 21, regarding the restoration of their infrastrucuture, with personnel and assets as follows:

  • 2 Officers and 4 Soldiers
  • 1 Earth Loader
  • 1 Loader-Ditch Excavator
  • 1 Dump Truck