The 50th Mechanised Brigade resulted from the reorganisation of the 50th Infantry Regiment, which was established in Andrianoupoli in 1919. In 1940, it took part in the operations in Western Macedonia and Northern Epirus. From 1945 to 1988 it was headquartered in Eleftheroupoli, Kavala, and was moved at times to Feres, Pythio, and Koufovouno in the Prefecture of Evros. In October 1988 it was finally headquartered in Soufli as 50th Infantry Brigade.

On Sunday, 07 October 2018, the Chief of Hellenic Army General Staff, Lieutenant General Alkiviadis Stefanis, attended Field Exercise "TAGMATARHIS (PB) MINOTAKIS EMMANOUIL", which took place within the framework of National Joint Exercise "PARMENION – 2018" in the Area of Responsibility of the XII Mechanised Infantry Division "EVROS".