Other Activities

a. Military Chaplains and soldiers-chanters said the Holy Liturgy in various Holy Temples in Thrace and Aegean Sea islands.

b. Food, clothing and school items were offered to families in distress, schools and foundations.

c. In the island of Crete, a Hellenic Army Officer-Ammunitions Technician neutralised and destroyed ammunition on 15 occasions.

d. Humanitarian relief was provided/ distributed on 9 occasions by units of the Hellenic Kosovo Force 2 to residents of villages of its AOR and by the Hellenic Composite Battalion in Afghanistan to a school for the deaf and dumb.

e. On 5 June, 2009, Hellenic Army personnel and means, under the auspices of the Ministry of National Defence and in cooperation with the Local Authorities, provided their assistance for the cleaning of beaches, both in mainland and island areas (Rhodes, Cos, Leros, Lesbos, Chios, Samos, Lemnos, Samothrace, Alexandroupolis, Komotini, Kavala, Volos, Athens, Loutraki, Nauplia, Gytheion, Kalamata, Pyrgos and Patras). More specifically, the aforementioned activity involved 1.039 Engineers personnel and 76 vehicles / machines.

f. Personnel (20 career personnel and 180 soldiers) were assigned for planting trees on the Mount Taygetos.

g. Personnel and means were made available on a daily basis to patrol forest areas all over Greece.

h. The estimated overall cost for the contribution of the Hellenic Army in other activities has reached approximately the sum of 54.296,00. €.