Distinguished Visitors Day for Exercise “GOLDEN FLEECE-21”

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Distinguished Visitors Day for Exercise “GOLDEN FLEECE-21”
19/11/2021 14:41

On Friday 12 November 2021, within the framework of international collaborations with friendly and allied countries planned by the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, the Distinguished Visitors Day of FTX/LIVEX “GOLDEN FLEECE-21” was held in the vicinity of firing range “ASKOS – PROFITIS” with the participation of units from the II Mechanised Infantry Division “ELESSON”, the 71 Airborne Brigade “PONTOS”, the 1st Raiders – Parachutists Brigade “EL ALAMEIN”, the 1st Army Aviation Brigade “KILKIS LACHANA”, the Mountain Infantry Platoon of Romania, the Infantry Group of Northern Macedonia, as well as with the participation of observers from the US-Europe-Africa Command (USAREUR-AF), Albania, Jordan and Cyprus.

The exercise was conducted with real fire and involved the budgeting of terrain of tactical importance by an airborne infantry detachment with the simultaneous attack of a motorized infantry battalion, in collaboration with transport and attack helicopters and with the support of artillery.

The final phase of the exercise was attended by the Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Ioannis Papanagnostou (representing the Chief HAGS), the Commander of the 4th “THRACE” Army Corps Lieutenant General Angelos Chodeloudis and the Commander of the 3rd “Alexander the Great” Army Corps, Lieutenant General Anastasios Spanos.

During the exercise, the high level of operational cooperation and the strengthening of the ties between units from participating countries has been established.